a little of mAgic


We have been consulting for and cooperating with several industry leading companies and agencies throughout the world.
Our clients are mostly USA, UK, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway and ex-Yugoslavia based

We are a studio driven both by our
IT research, education & experience
Art, (Web) Design, Marketing & Branding skills & knowledge

Thus, all the listed (even artistic) projects have strong IT engine under the hood,
while plenty of the IT based have rich, attractive and user-friendly surface.


c Princess Kristina Testament c
(project in progress)
Social media campaign, developed for Touristic Bureau of Spain in Norway, is edutainment system (created around educational adventurous Facebook game), created for promotion of Spain in Norway and consisting of:

  • server-side business logic
  • front-end game-engine supporting several quests, scenes, puzzles, etc
  • game editor (enabling online creation and management of all game elements by non-IT personnel)
  • language translating and management application
  • social promotions modules

c Niksic Guitar Festival c
NGF is international festival that is repeating each year so it required dynamic multilingual solution, that could be easily managed, and extended through frequent news.
Thus, this website is developed in JOOMLA 2.5 CMS (Content Management System). In the same time, NGF required advanced forms support for performers as well as multiple Social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) and video playlist support.

c Entreprenepolis c
Through this Social media campaign, developed for international event Global Entrepreneur week, entrepreneurs, for the first time, have the opportunity, by playing the game and based on their knowledge, to gain and promote a sense of the successful entrepreneur.
By placing the badge on their personal or company presentations, blogs, social networks, they define themselves as a part of GEW, they proclaim becoming virtually certified, promote GEW and participate in the contest!

c NEOzenzai online media production/publishing/Marketing tool @ Neo7even c
Magic Wand Solutions was part of an international team that worked on modeling, development and maintanance of NEOzenzai, RIA - Rich Internet Applications online tool. This application is example of how to model cutting-edge online solutions according to the best MVC practices and Object design patterns. NEOzenzai integrates frontend developed in Adobe Flex. Backend is powered by PHP & Perl, while using Microsoft SQL database.

c TILT - Norvegian short film festival c
Harmonic combination of easy content management (CMS) with multimedia (Flash-based) components and background.
This project also represents communication between Flash and outer logics,
together with AJAX communication to CMS.

Information system developed for Mechanical Faculty, Belgrade University.
The system enables administrative staff to manage faculty, students to choose exams and subjects, professors to manage exams, etc.
Additional desktop application is enabled for proffesors' tasks.
Technology: PHP, MySQL, C#, Flex, JavaScript

Project for organization Habitat under United Nations. Information System with all civil engineering and habit European laws in several languages (dynamic Content-Negotiation), with remote online administrating and content management system.
Because of the importance of the project, high security measures are developed and applied.
ISEPAH, had, in the same time to satisfy contradictory requests: to satisfy extremely high security requests, simplicity of user interface (while keeping strength) and with all this, simplicity of complex content administration which is also performed over Web.
Technology: PHP and MySQL

c c
Rebuilt visual identity and Multimedia Web presentation
for famous world-known flute player.
Produced in Flash, Flex AS project, with modern 3D interface,
and in PureMVC framework
Technology: Flash, Papervision 3D, XML, PHP.

cAkazoo Gaming framework, Akazoo Games & Video ( c
Client:, Greece
IT & multimedia system with thousand lines of client and server-side code, enabling great number of users to communicate, interoperate, manage games and play them.
Encription and authenticating technologies are implemented as well as synchronization algorythms and other distributed and real-time programming techniques.
Generic framework supporting Lobby and multiplayer games visual and logic classes is developed both in AS2 and AS3.
Games developement required great knowledge of physics and mathematics

For the same client we have developed YouTube-like video player suported by Web services and several other modules.

Technology: Flash, Flex, Java, XML socketing, Web services.
Platform: Web

c c
Collaboration with Bitef includes co-work on rebranding and design.
Web presentation is also developed (in cooperation with Sasa Rudan, and NewMoment agency) for the Bitef festival,
one of the biggest European theatre festivals.
This presentation is visually simple. Minimalistic.
What makes this Flash presentation distinguishing is what lays behind it, the fact that almost everything on this multimedia presentation is dynamically created.
Multilanguage support is incorporated.
Tools are developed in C#, that allow easy content management by editors.

Technology: Flash & C#
Platform: Web & Desktop (CMS)

cVirtualCell c
Client:, USA
AJAX-based system for online multimedia content capture, management and distribution to mobile devices,
Technology: Intensive research and usage of DOM model, CSS and JavaScript.

cFlyer Publications Inc. c
While working for Cyrillic Software company, we have contributed in developing
this Internet portal and Beck-End administrative support for the company Flyer Publications Inc. (USA).
This system is Electronic shop for Online interactive designing of promotion materials and Ads, and management of clients and zones of advertising, as much as back-end uploading of Ads, including all related visual components.
Technology: ASP.NET framework, VB.NET, with intensive usage of Microsoft SQL server and CSS2 (Cascading Style Sheets, level 2) backing.

cCS Intranet. USA c
While working for Cyrillic Software company, we have contributed in developing this enterprise Intranet system for company accounting and workers management.System allows clients evidencing, client’s projects, To-Do lists and development notes about projects. System also manages evidence of employees, their schedules, daily duties on projects, and monthly reports.
Technology: ASP.NET framework, VB.NET and Microsoft SQL server.

cLeaf c
Concurrent system for accessing downloading and parsing of appropriate WEB contents by clients; which have been coordinated by local server, which we also developed.
The software is used in organizing international conferences.
Technology: Perl, communication is done on level of HTTP and HTML protocols

cAIM c
Journalistic Internet Service, multimedia news content with possibility of sophistic searching.
Technology: Perl

cVlatacom Navigator – GIS/GPS c
Application for PDA mobile devices with automatic voice navigation support
We have developed few parts of system, e.g. Security DLL Layer
Technology: programming language C, Microsoft Crypto API for PDA
: PDA device.

cZebra: HTTP 1.0 Proxy and WEB server. c
Provides feedback with WEB search service (which is used for debugging problems in HTTP connection) including distance configuring.
Technology: Perl

cSolutis c
In cooperation with Sasa Rudan.
Web Service based Human Resources Management System.
We have developed system's Web layer in ASP.NET, C# that uses Delphi based Web Service server.
Database in usage is Microsoft SQL.

c3D Room c
Now your business products have an Opportunity
by more than 97% of Web population
with our Genuine Interactive 3D ROOM!
Macromedia Flash based.
(turn on FULL SCREEN / press F11 to see it more easily. Check it!)

cFloorGames c
(upper link is temporary hosting place, until original address is in function)
Web presentation produced in Adobe Flash to promote and to offer information
about our biggest international break dance competition.
Contains movie-like animated sequences.
ASP.NET back-end application for registering included.

cWord in the Space c
Multimedia project "Word in the Space", coo production of InfoM and
Students Cultural center (for the festival April Meetings).
roject that gathered writers, designers, audio producers, actors and several others.
Technology: Flash, Swift 3D

cComposer and professor Svetislav D. Bozic's Web presentation c
In cooperation with Sasa Rudan
Macromedia Flash based.
Nature of this project requested enhanced support for music background.
So advanced class for music support is developed.
Besides this special class for support of text showing on book’s page is developed,
allowing dynamic loading and breaking of arbitrary text,
enabling its floating over curve page contour and to get bigger on the nearer page part.
Some 3D animation is made in SWIFT 3D.

cGEPS animated movie c
Movie including 3D modeling and animation.
For GEPS formal meeting
(Group of Experts for Prosperity of Serbia) c
(upper link is temporary hosting place, until original address is in function)
Web presentation developed for break dance community.
Full XHTML and CSS valid,
but yet rich and colorful with original appealing design.
Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional  Valid CSS!

cTV commercial for the DJs CPU and Christoph Drouillet's tour (3Dvision Label, France) c
Flash based.
Music synchronized commercial designed to look like video,
but build by using photo material only.
Use "Save Target as" ("Save link as")
to download it to your computer and watch it c
(on the Home page click the "QUCIK TOUR" button)
Redesigning of a Flash based quick tour.
Audio streams synchronizing.



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